QOTM Responses: The Meaning of Freedom

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This past month, we asked readers to tell us “what does it mean to be free?”  

We had a couple of thoughts to this question, which we have posted below.  Thank you to Zakiya, Myecoll, and Corey for their responses!

No matter how you define freedom or think about that it means to be free, the quote by A. Philip Randolph comes to mind –

is never given.  It is won.”

Whether battling for freedom from something, someone, or your own pressures, this quote is a reminder that the freedom is not something to be gained passively or to be taken for granted.  No matter what makes sense morally or legally, freedom doesn’t come because it is the right or fair.  And, while freedom is not reserved only for the most competitive, most driven, most talented, freedom should always taste as sweet as a winning a race, a game, or a prize.

Thoughts?  Leave your comments on freedom below!


I think being free means knowing your choices and beliefs matter for shaping and defining the world around you.  – Corey


Freedom? It’s the absence of what causes that  knot in my stomach, the stress on my brain, the tapping of my feet, the tightness in my chest… Freedom for me is the power to rest in peace. – Myecoll


I think freedom is two-fold.  It’s a state of mind AND a state of the physical being.  The ultimate would be experienced in both.  So my physical being might be free – but but maybe my mind, my talents, my essence is arrested, imprisoned in some way. Or vice versa.Freedom is the ability to just be.  It is the absence of .  – Zakiya