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Zakiya Jackson

Zakiya Jackson

Zakiya is a lover of words—and creatively uses them by entertaining and compelling her friends and family or even strangers.Like a salmon swimming upstream, Zakiya recently returned to Washington D.C where she works in advocacy and development.Zakiya places high value on faith, racial justice, , Anthony Hamilton and laughter.Fancy, woke and southern, she’s generally passionate about being alive.She prefers singing in the keys of E or D or whatever second sopranos sing. Message tees & Bryan Stevenson are everything.
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Shoot your shot in 2017 Fam.

As winter has come and persists, the season to be thirsty provides opportunity to get you some.  Or at least to try and get you some. lol. 😉

Whether “some” is a friend to go to movies and concerts with, an activist bae, or a forever boo/partner/love, go ahead and shoot your shot.  It’s helpful to be clear on what you want though.

Recently a friend told me of someone who made a shot towards them and it went in – only for the person to renege shortly after they started talking to each.  Like – a take back? Like, just kidding – I didn’t think about how dating requires something from me and I’m not willing to give anything up…

For real.


Look everyone makes mistakes or changes their mind or speaks too soon.  But puuuhhlease let’s know ourselves fairly well when we out here tryna make Steph Curry plays. Do you got Steph Curry follow through…nah…maybe you ain’t ready for them boards then.  🙂

I was sad for my friend. They are a wonderful person. I want them to feel valued by most people in their life…it’s hard to feel valued when folks, purposefully or not, toy with relationships.

I believe I’ve led someone to feel toyed with before.  It happens when we aren’t still enough.  When we aren’t listening to ourselves well. When we don’t follow instincts (or can’t even tell the difference between instinct and dehydration/intense thirst…ha! Yep. I said it.)   Or when we are just plain careless.

Side note: Sometimes people getting in their feels is all on them. We do have to learn the difference – only taking responsibility for what belongs to us and nothing more.

I’m excited about shooting shots with clarity and sobriety…lol. I mean a soberness of conscious. I’ve evaluated my stats, recognized my weaknesses and am determining my best position on the floor.  I’m heavy handed and not quite quick enough to play guard.  It just gets messy.  I’m tall but not tall enough to be center…but forward.  I’m a great forward, as long as I remember to not get too aggressive and foul out the . I flourish when I play hard and neat, with some flair (not Dennis Rodman levels – just Z levels).  I have good strength, good energy and am able to go low or stay high as needed.  I’m still not sure if I’m small forward or power forward. Probably depends on the situation.

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So that’s how I’ll shoot my shot this year.  As pertains to my bae status and in other areas of life. I’m putting my best foot forward, knowing how my personal game fits into the larger action on the court of my life. When I play this way, it not only feels better for me, it helps me align well with others.  The right team.  The right space.  The right place.

I’ve been reflecting lately on who appreciates 100% Z and who would prefer 75% or even 50%.  I see you.  Your actions are speaking loudly.  In fact, 81% of some of you spoke volumes to how much of me you want.  No safety pin can cover that up, dear ones.  Your actions are still ringing so loudly that I can’t hear anything else you say.  It’s just noise.  But that’s another post, another day.

I’m fired up.  Are you?  Are you ready for yourself in 2017?  Do you know where you play best on the court? It’s not too late to find out.  The is just an opportunity to pause – not a rule and not an obligation. I hope you do/have/will.  Cause I want to play alongside other people who are bringing their best game outchea. I’m only one player.  Most of the time, I need others for success.


See ya on the court.  And keep it 100, at least with me.

Me. Dancing/Singing/Rejoicing in the rain. 2017.