I was going to go out tonight, but they killed us…again #Ferguson

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Enchanta Jackson is a contributing writer covering a range of sociopolitical issues. She finds liberation through service, civic engagement, laughing, dancing, traveling, loving and sipping Columbian coffee from WaWa. With a deep for empowering marginalized communities, Enchanta directs statewide electoral work for an advocacy organization in Kentucky.

Excited to go out

I already had my outfit in mind



To dance and sip..

My shower was running

Started my Spotify radio 

but got distracted by Twitter… 

Wait what?

Something happened in Ferguson?


Where the hell is that at?

Oh, right outside of St. Louis 




Ok..ok..I’m Twatching




“Teen killed by police”


“#RIP Mike Mike”

“Michael Brown” 







“You didn’t have to shoot him eight times… 

You just shot all through my baby body!”

Cried Michael’s mom on Vine 



I continue to scroll

The shot him dead while he was on his knees!?

With his hands in the air!?!?!


Excuse me… whoa.. what? 


This can’t be real life

It just cant be


Didn’t ya’ll just kill an unarmed brother in Walmart this week?

My heartaches as I continue to scroll 

I read more… 


“Police damaged surveillance cameras” 

“Police confiscated cell phone recordings”  


My stomach turns

I feel sick

Maybe it’s the wine I was drinking 

Maybe I should have eaten dinner

Maybe it’s the thought of another brother being shot cold because of racism and the deep fear police and society project onto , and people of color in general. 

Maybe it’s the image of another teen

laying in his blood 




Criminalized for being black

For walking while black

For being scared and running 

For realizing he was shot and dropping to his knees

For putting his hands up

For being black

For breathing 

For living 

For being black


I was going out tonight

But my mind is heavy

My heart is broken

It’s time to act

We are loosing too many