The Artist: “Finding myself over and over again” An interview with Georgia Tardy

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Enduring inspiration is simply the best. I had been happily surfing the wave of inspiration and reaching out to the artists I knew to interview for the series that Georgia Tardy had inspired me to write. I was feeling motivated and excited. A couple weeks after the panel I attended, I was at a coffee shop called Lyon St Cafe something related and drinking way too much coffee. Having found a table in the very back corner, I was sitting with the door and rest of the shop perfectly in view: I people watching. After a while of writing and drinking too much coffee and people watching, a woman opened the door to the cafe and sat down a couple of tables in front of me. I sat in cautious disbelief for a moment that the woman was who I thought she was. Afraid of making the fatal error of mis-recognizing someone I had never met, I addressed the possibility that she was indeed Georgia Tardy. After several minutes of debate and hearing her name being called out by another acquaintance in the cafe, I assured myself that I had nothing to lose. So I introduced myself and asked for an interview. Georgia graciously and kindly accepted. A few weeks later in the same cafe, I had the opportunity to listen to some of her journey and about being an artist.

Georgia describes herself as “authentically an artist.” With a wide range of experiences from travels to Israel Palestine and an internship with renowned artist Paul Collins, she boasts wisdom and elegant artistry combined. She passionately advocates for youth to have the opportunity to explore and their own voices in it and currently sits on two local boards which advocate for and encourage youth to use their voices with art. Her own experiences illustrate a finding of her own voice and herself in her . Our conversation was a beautiful mix of her own life experience, stories about finding her artistic voice, what her creative process looks like, why she thinks art is important, vulnerability, what she thinks art is, and what she loves about being an artist (the first thing she said was “Freedom”). I was inspired and moved.

You can listen to the entire interview above. (Note: the coffee shop we met at that day was unexpectedly noisy, and the background noise for the audio as a result also was. Our voices, however, do rise above the din.)

One of my favorite things from the interview was when Georgia said “Because there’s more that the artist is saying in the work than they will ever tell you in person.” Talking and writing about the art is simply not the same as seeing and experiencing it. Get to know Georgia better and experience her art at and you can purchase pieces at