What to Do When You Fail as an Ally

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Yesterday, I failed as an ally. For context, I belong to a listserv of young professional women of color and yesterday, on this listserv, which operates as a platform to communicate about job opportunities, political activism, events, and the occasional boogie brunch, one of the members sent out an invitation for … Read More

Native Son

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Reflections on Washington, D.C. from a native Washingtonian 20 years ago, I was a kid living on Gainesville Rd in SE, DC. I had finished second grade at Beers Elementary, when my mom told me we were moving to Alexandria, VA. She explained plainly and frankly that SE was too … Read More

Don’t Equate My Anger to Hate

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Political Correctness Social Justice Warrior Feminazi These are just a few of the words that have been used, in the last fifty or so years, by the media, politicians, celebrities, and trolls on social media to dismiss, ignore, and deny valid concerns of injustice, discrimination, and oppression experienced and felt … Read More

We Should Stop Telling Quitters They Never Win

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“Quitters never win and winners never win.” For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a quitter. In the sixth grade, after a mere three weeks of playing the clarinet, I stopped practicing at home. I grew tired of being unable to keep up with the pace of the … Read More

Why We Need Diversity in Hollywood: It’s Personal

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old tv

The conversation regarding the lack of diversity in Hollywood continues full steam, reignited after the Oscars controversy from earlier this year. Articles and studies on the issue cite startling underrepresentation, whitewashing, limited roles with rampant stereotyping, and more, providing concrete examples of ways in which this lack of diversity in … Read More

American Politics: The New Gotham City

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three presidential candidates

This year has been a great year for comic book movies.  It’s only June, and we have already seen Batman, Superman, Wonder-Woman, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and X-Men on the big screen. It’s been heaven.  And if you’re reading this and judging me for my level of geekness, then … Read More

Beyoncé Playlist: 5 Short Stories Written to Lemonade Playlist

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Last week, as I was listening to Beyoncé’s amazing sixth studio album Lemonade, I was inspired to write some short fiction pieces. I love writing, poetry, lyrics, short stories, novels, writing is my greatest passion. There are so many different types of fun and exciting writing forms and this week … Read More

Land of the [Insert Principle Here]; Home of the [Word Needed]

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Veterans Memorial Flowers

Today kicks off the beginning of another Memorial Day weekend.  While the long weekend for many often is synonymous with trips around the world, barbecues around town, or relaxation around your home, the spirit of this day is so much grander and so much more solemn than finding a well-cooked plate … Read More

Review: Coloring Book

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Review: Coloring Book

Chance Raps? I first heard of Chance the Rapper when he was featured on Childish Gambino’s (my favorite new age backpack rapper) song The Worst Guys. I enjoyed his hook on the song and I was encouraged by friends to check out his critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap. I listened … Read More