Review: Coloring Book

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Review: Coloring Book

Chance Raps? I first heard of Chance the Rapper when he was featured on Childish Gambino’s (my favorite new age backpack rapper) song The Worst Guys. I enjoyed his hook on the song and I was encouraged by friends to check out his critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap. I listened … Read More

Pushing Past Fears – in Writing and in Life

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sand dune

I stood at the bottom of a dune, looking up at a wide swath of golden sand standing grandly against a clear blue sky, the desert sun attempting to suck every ounce of moisture out of me. I was trying to slow down the frantic and heavy beat of my … Read More

And the point is, to live everything

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At the end of my session on Tuesday, my therapist paused and pulled out a card with a quote on the front. She had found the card sometime in the week before and the quote reminded her of me. In her very therapist voice, she read it aloud: “Be patient … Read More


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sunflower heart

  When I was a little girl my momma helped me plant a flower garden every year. This probably occurred 12 out of the first 18 years of my life. One year I planted a flower I had never done before. The sunflower. I can’t remember when I started being drawn to … Read More

Focusing on Race and Ethnicity of Teachers

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Although a substantial body of research has indicated students of color tend to benefit educationally when they have the opportunity to receive instruction from and form relationships with teachers from similar backgrounds, many districts nationwide struggle to recruit, support, and retain high-performing teachers of color to provide that instruction and … Read More

How ‘Hamilton’ The Musical Can Transform Our Education System

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I have a confession. Like many helpless souls before me, I have succumbed to the phenomenon. I’m officially addicted to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new smash-hit musical ‘Hamilton‘. As a big fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work from his days with ‘In the Heights’, I had seen an early version of ‘Hamilton’ at … Read More

I’ve got to make some more #lemonade

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I feel heard and I can’t stop crying.  I’ve been crying gentle but persistent tears off and mostly on for several hours. At first I was scared.  It’s late at night, I’m alone, and this video movie documentary thing is so dark. I’ll stop and watch the rest tomorrow. Nope. … Read More

Actual Progress is Complicated…And We Need to Be Ok With That

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I started writing a piece a few years ago about how Americans are extremely averse to the idea and reality of incremental change. What I said then and what still resonates with me now, is that mainstream America has lived for very long in the reality that, in this country, … Read More

A Sheep Nation vs A G.O.A.T. Nation

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  The political climate leading up to the 2016 presidential election is one of a dystopian Zootopia.  One where we’re seeing democratic donkeys and G.O.P. elephants behaving as snake-like savages: One where the chickens have come home to roost in the hate-mongering and xenophobic intolerance of the Republican party as Fox News … Read More

12 Years a Slave, 12 Tribes of Israel

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The time is upon us.  The gods, as they were, are about to walk amongst us again as Gods of Egypt’s theatrical release is this week.  First there was Exodus:  Gods and Kings.  I guess we were supposed to turn a blind eye because Moses’ titular role was played by … Read More