Make You Feel My Fantasy Love

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We love fantasy in the US.   Maybe more than we love love itself. Ya know? We especially love fantasy love. Cue Delilah.   Don’t play.   Confession question: Did anyone else listen to Delilah on the radio? My mom used to make us listen on the way home after … Read More

Trap Heaven

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I could still feel the joy The afterglow The fiber of resistance imbued into every micro-antiaggression Micro mirror moments into the souls of black folks I could still feel the lunge of my thick thighs From dancing the pain of Jan 20 out Still feel the tingling of body to … Read More

Leave Respectability Politics in 2016

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2016 was an intense year for me, for the United States of America, and for the entire world. We are living in different times right now, things are changing all around us, and we must all remember not to let unjust and exploitative actions, policies, or behaviors become normalized in … Read More

At the Roots of Fences

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My wife and I went on a date to see Fences this week. At the base of August Wilson’s play however, I saw another story of the African-American family play out: Roots. When Roots was re-cast and updated for a 2016 premiere, I remember a lot of fuss being made … Read More

Normalization is Letting the Anger Fade

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When speaking with my friends of color since the election on November 8th, 2016, I have said repeatedly that one of the few bright moments on November 9th was the reaction of my white friends. Their disillusionment was real, it was visceral, and it was the moment when I was most … Read More

Fire Up

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Shoot your shot in 2017 Fam. As winter has come and persists, the season to be thirsty provides opportunity to get you some.  Or at least to try and get you some. lol. 😉 Whether “some” is a friend to go to movies and concerts with, an activist bae, or … Read More

Black Gamers Should Play Watch Dogs 2

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Being black and playing video games usually involves being a willing participant in your own cognitive dissonance. You passionately advocate for representation in all forms of media, but thoroughly enjoy games with all-white cast members. You decry stereotypes of your race in entertainment, but some of your favorite black characters are rehashed racist tropes … Read More

Protecting Light in Times of Darkness 

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Last Sunday, I attended the annual Candlelight Service at the church here in Nashville where I am a member. The service includes familiar anthems of the Advent season as Christmas approaches. The program is simple: Scriptures are read, followed by the congregation’s singing of hymns echoing themes from those scriptures. … Read More


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I loved a jazz musician once.  We met when I was 15. I didn’t love him until I was 27. The third time was a charm for him. He won me over. I remember the day I knew he was winning. He insisted on visiting me at work one afternoon. … Read More

Embracing Failure

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The first step to being sorta good at something: you gotta suck at it.   When learning something new, most people are novices at most things. Failure is not just an option, it’s almost guaranteed. It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? As someone who chases perfectionism, however, this has never … Read More