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Your Silence is Choking Me and #ICantBreathe

In Causes by N. Young1 Comment

I see you almost every day. We grab lunch together at work or half priced drinks at happy hour. You’ve come over to my house for dinner. We laugh over the latest viral videos, chop it up about movies, and go over to each other’s houses for holiday parties. You like my Facebook and Instagram posts and we talk liberal …

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Are You Persistent In Your Passion?

In Art & Culture, passionseries by CoreyLeave a Comment

I believe that our greatest enemies to living our passions are time, comfort, and challenge. As I have asked myself this question more over the past months – am I persistent in my passion – I have thought about the role these ideas play in preventing the fully realized potential that comes from a career, a cause, or a project fueled by passion. It’s …

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I Am A Black Man

In #blackmenrock, Art & Culture by Corey3 Comments

As an aspiring member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., my prophytes would often stress the importance of the statement: “I am a black man.” It seemed to be an obvious enough statement.  I mean I am no biologist, but my eyes confirmed for me long ago that my melanin had intended for me to be black. As time passed …

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National Geographic and Why Racism Sucks

In Art & Culture, Causes by N. Young1 Comment

Today, I intended to post something introspective about loss and life, not about racism. That was until about 5pm, when I went on Instagram and saw the National Geographic feed. I’m a nerd and I follow Nat Geo. If you haven’t started following them on Instagram, you definitely should. Their feed is a beautiful medley of nature photos and homages to human life. It …

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5 Crazy Side Effects of Oppression

In Causes by N. Young5 Comments

Saturday, I took my bougie Black self to Trader Joe’s. I walked in behind a man of color who was wearing a hoodie and had the hood up. My initial thought was, “he should probably take that down so as not to scare the people in the store,” but then I thought, “what the hell are you thinking?!” This man …

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Never Betray My Heart #BlackMessiah

In Art & Culture, Entertainment by Zakiya Jackson1 Comment

There it is. There it is again. I lost you for a few moments. Days. Months. Years. 132 But there you are my love. Mirror. I will never betray my heart. #BlackMessiah Context. Explanation. It’s been 132 days since Mike Brown was shot and killed by Darrin Wilson. It’s kinda weird that I’m still talking about this. Right? My humanity …

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And The Word Was…D’Angelo’s Black Messiah: The B-Side (Part 2 of 2)

In Entertainment by CYM_Contributors1 Comment

by Marcus Simmons, Writing and Diversity Educator, Chicago (FB, Twitter)  This is the second part of a review of D’Angelo and The Vanguard’s Black Messiah album. Read the first part here: And The Word Was…D’Angelo’s Black Messiah: The A-Side (Part 1 of 2) THE B-SIDE “Back To The Future (Part I)” is a short gem that keeps the party going, but returns to a …

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Protest is a Form of Reconciliation

In Art & Culture by Zakiya JacksonLeave a Comment

Protesters are reconcilers. Resisting, fighting, saying no!!! is not the manifestation of the absence of peace. It can be.  But it doesn’t have to be. Resistance is not unequivocally crass, selfish, rebellion. Peace is not necessarily the presence of calm. Think of a time that you have exhibited calm when your heart was raging.  Is that the kind of “peace” …

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Gratitude in a Time of Loss

In Causes by Kyle Southern1 Comment

As Thanksgiving comes our way again, many members of our human family are hurting. Hurting for our country. Hurting from the burden of many years of marginalization. Hurting from crime and addiction and denied education. This week, in particular, many are hurt by disorienting headlines and video images. Each day brings images of people in the streets protesting persistent oppression, …

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Hoodrats, the N-word, Jordan’s and Saggy Pants Didnt Fail Ferguson.

In The Word On The "N-Word" by EnchantaLeave a Comment

  Let me help you put Ferguson into context: No, the above pictures were not taken during a protest against injustice. No, these people were not provoked by police.These pictures were taken in my hometown, Lexington, Kentucky, after UK vs UofL basketball games. It happens every year. Media does not label it as rioting. Young, belligerent, drunk, white people flood …

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Fear of the Magic Negro

In Art & Culture by Zakiya Jackson1 Comment

I’m a dreamer. I have lovely dreams of things that are fluffy and nice and warm like kisses from baby nephews and sweet potato pancakes on a cold winter’s….errr umm…fall day.   I have inspiring dreams of my father still living among us, and he doesn’t speak…he’s near me, smiling, encouraging admonishing me through his very essence.  I have darker dreams …