Remember the Path: A Poem

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You gotta remember where you’ve been To know where you’re going Which is to say you can’t improve society or the systems that make society If you don’t learn from your past mistakes Or something like that But the thing is The system wasn’t made for us We weren’t intended … Read More

An Ode to Reading

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I’m grateful to have grown up in the pre-internet era. As a child, I would fill up notebooks with musings, doodles, short stories, comics, anything that felt the need to spill out of my head and onto the page in front of me. I was also a voracious reader. The … Read More

I Am A Nerd

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Who is a nerd? For me, last month, it meant any one that took the pilgrimage to nerd-Mecca.  For the uninitiated, that would be Comic-Con in San Diego.  For those five days, nerds to me were anyone who knew about Star Wars lore, all things Marvel Studios and Comics, and didn’t … Read More

Why I Celebrate Hillary with Mixed Emotions

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Hillary Clinton at this year's Black Girls Rock! event.

This is a historic moment, not just in the political sphere, but for our entire country. We have our first female democratic nominee! (Save for Queen Shirley Chisolm). This is an accomplishment for women everywhere.  As a black woman I live daily in the tensions of gender, race and class discrimination. As black … Read More

What Shawn Carter Taught Me

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For me, it was a music video released some time in 1998. A young man (rather, an older man to me at the time) was rapping staccato-style in a graffiti-filled Brooklyn neighborhood about a somber thug life peppered with the grandeur of hustling and its short-term rewards: From standing on the … Read More

Culture is Resistance

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All of 2014, 2015, and 2016 I wanted to cry my soul out I wanted to crawl under my bed and hide from the world But instead I turned to music I listened to some Nina Simone. An amazing artist who fought proudly and courageously for justice She did it … Read More

Being Black in America – Code of Conduct for Survival*

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Lessons Learned from Lives Lost   be better than these people and their systems, to stay alive.   tame your hair, and your volume, and your body.   temper your confidence and your strength. your anger in the face of devastation.   work harder. think faster. be smarter. but do … Read More

Do We Matter?

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Wednesday, I started my workday as I normally would: having morning devotion, praying, reading work emails, and creating a list of assignments that needed to be completed by the end of the day. And normally, I would finish this routine by reading the Washington Post, but this time I was … Read More

What to Do When You Fail as an Ally

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Yesterday, I failed as an ally. For context, I belong to a listserv of young professional women of color and yesterday, on this listserv, which operates as a platform to communicate about job opportunities, political activism, events, and the occasional boogie brunch, one of the members sent out an invitation for … Read More