I’ve got to make some more #lemonade

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I feel heard and I can’t stop crying.  I’ve been crying gentle but persistent tears off and mostly on for several hours. At first I was scared.  It’s late at night, I’m alone, and this video movie documentary thing is so dark. I’ll stop and watch the rest tomorrow. Nope. … Read More

Actual Progress is Complicated…And We Need to Be Ok With That

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I started writing a piece a few years ago about how Americans are extremely averse to the idea and reality of incremental change. What I said then and what still resonates with me now, is that mainstream America has lived for very long in the reality that, in this country, … Read More

A Sheep Nation vs A G.O.A.T. Nation

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  The political climate leading up to the 2016 presidential election is one of a dystopian Zootopia.  One where we’re seeing democratic donkeys and G.O.P. elephants behaving as snake-like savages: One where the chickens have come home to roost in the hate-mongering and xenophobic intolerance of the Republican party as Fox News … Read More

12 Years a Slave, 12 Tribes of Israel

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The time is upon us.  The gods, as they were, are about to walk amongst us again as Gods of Egypt’s theatrical release is this week.  First there was Exodus:  Gods and Kings.  I guess we were supposed to turn a blind eye because Moses’ titular role was played by … Read More

Tears Wash Over Us

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Tears Wash Over Us

I saw something deep and beautiful and meaningful in a man’s eyes today.  It was an intimate encounter. This gentleman was outside of the grocery store as I walked in to look for a couple things.  He gently got my attention. “I don’t want any money or anything, I’m wondering … Read More

Thankful for You (Te Extraño)

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Happy Holidays to everyone!!! This month has been filled with joy, warm clothes, cold weather, friends, family, cheer, sadness, heartbreak, rejoice, prayer, praise, and love. So many emotions, feelings, and experiences and many, many memories. I am thankful to have a voice and life. I am grateful to have amazing … Read More

Lest We Forget… A Christmas Remembrance

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AAPF/ Mia Fermindoza

I’ve stopped writing about senseless killings and police brutality in 2015. I have stopped mainly because I’ve struggled to see what value I could add to the conversation. After 3 years of back-to-back, very public killings of unarmed Black people, after video after video of grisly murders, and after relatively … Read More

I Say a Prayer

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I say a prayer every night A prayer from deep in my soul Asking that the world becomes whole I pray that love will win the fight I pray for you; the one that spits in my face as you call me vicious names I pray for her; the one … Read More

8 Awesome Covers That Got Me Through

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This week was hectic, long, busy, and with injustices happening all around the world all over the news, I was all up in my emotions. I didn’t let anything slide this week, no matter where I was: at the store, at the Phoenix Art Museum, even walking to the mailbox, … Read More

They Can’t Bring You Down: a Villanelle Poem

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Spending time with my extended family this past week, I realized that the number one thing I am grateful for is family and the lessons I have learned from them all. Seeing their resilience and their strong spirits and love made me realize just how much people can endure and … Read More